Air Arabia Introducing Armenian National Airline Company

Air Arabia Introducing Armenian National Airline Company

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Air Arabia Introducing Armenian National Airline Company

Armenia might be obtaining a brand-new inexpensive national service provider quickly …

Plans for Armenia’s brand-new national airline

Air Arabia Introducing Armenian National Airline Company

Air Arabia as well as the Armenian National Interests Fund (ANIF) have authorized an agreement to introduce a new national airline in Armenia. The airline company will certainly be established as an independent joint venture company that will run as a low-priced guest airline company based at Yerevan’s Zvartnots International Airport terminal (EVN).

As it’s explained, the new national airline is meant to:

Increase Armenia’s fast-growing traveling and also tourism field; in 2019 this made up 11.8% of the nation’s GDP as well as made up 12.5% of employment;

Add to the country’s financial development;

Offer Armenians a reliable as well as worth for cash air travel choice;

For those of you not familiar with Air Arabia, it’s the largest affordable provider in the Middle East and also North Africa. While the airline is based in Sharjah, United Arab Emirates, the airline company has subsidiaries in Abu Dhabi, Egypt, as well as Morocco, so the idea of Air Arabia launching a carrier in one more country isn’t anything new. Simply recently, Air Arabia and Etihad Airways developed a joint endeavor to launch an Abu Dhabi-based airline company.

The company will quickly work on obtaining an Air Driver’s Certificate (AOC), and also more details about the launch day, fleet, as well as location network, will be introduced eventually.

How Armenia’s new airline company will certainly be named
While Air Arabia is taking an energetic duty in this new airline, it sounds like we should not expect the new airline company to be named Air Arabia Armenia (even though that’s the calling model Air Arabia has actually used up previously).

Rather the name of the airline company will be made a decision by the individuals of Armenia with a competitor, which lasts for 4 weeks. Via August 14, 2021, Armenians have the chance to send their name tips to [email protected]

Once the competition is complete, the company’s board of directors will review the recommended names, as well as make a final decision.


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My tackle Armenia’s brand-new airline idea

Air Arabia Introducing Armenian National Airline Company

If Armenia is going to launch a national airline company, I assume this is precisely the right way to tackle it:

The nation is taking a functional and also reasonable strategy, focusing on the low cost (probably) short-haul flying; this is a lot more sensible than introducing a prestige-focused premium airline flying to New York, for example;

The nation is tapping into the experience of an airline with a track record of releasing inexpensive service providers in new countries;
Failing to remember a service provider’s ability to make straight earnings, there’s absolutely a general economic advantage to a nation having conveniently offered air service.

That being said, the airline will likewise encounter some major difficulties, evidenced by the reality that Armenia has actually seen numerous airlines go out of business for many years. To name a few things:

While Armenia is a growing market, the country has under 3 million locals;

If the airline is seeking to fly western, competition in Europe is ruthless; we could see airlines like EasyJet, Ryanair, as well as Wizz Air, either begin service to or expand in Yerevan;

If the airline company is looking to fly east, Wizz Air currently offers numerous locations from Yerevan as well as could grow with this newest information;

As it stands, there’s currently Signia ficant solution between Armenia and Russia, to ensure that’s a market that seems to be relatively well-served;

It remains to be seen for how long Armenia wants to invest cash in this airline company, specifically if it’s not promptly rewarding; all too often we see nations launch airline companies with the intent of helping the economic climate, but after that, the nation is unwilling to fund the principle for very long

Bottom line

Armenia is coordinating with Air Arabia to introduce a brand-new national airline. The specific details (fleet, destinations, timeline, etc.) remain to be seen, yet it seems like all events are quite major concerning this.

If Armenia is mosting likely to introduce an airline, this absolutely seems like the way to set about it– the federal government can leverage Air Arabia’s proficiency in introducing an effective airline, instead of concentrating on reputation as well as national politics (though I make sure that will discover a method to seep in also).

Whether there’s a huge sufficient market for this to be effective remains to be seen.

What do you make of Armenia’s new nationwide airline idea?

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