Church Historical past AD 1 – AD 100

Church Historical past AD 1 – AD 100

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Church Historical past AD 1 – AD 100

I’ve determined to take a break from my Genesis collection, and begin this new 20 sermon collection on the historical past of the Church.

On this collection I’ll deal with a complete century of church historical past in every sermon, and so in the present day we’ll deal with the very first century.

A.D. 1 was a really particular 12 months and of nice significance to the church of God: It was the 12 months through which our Lord Jesus Christ was born, and with out Him there would certainly be no church.

Additionally in that first 12 months John the Baptist was born.

Numerous the historical past that we will examine in the present day you’ll discover within the Gospels and within the Acts, and as I’ve solely a sermon’s size to debate this weighty topic, I like to recommend that you simply learn diligently these books of the Bible, as they may extra absolutely expound what I’m trying to show this present day!

Years 1 – 30 A.D.

There’s little or no identified about these years, when our Lord Jesus Christ was in His youth. We all know that Christ did by no means sin, and I’m sure that He by no means wasted any time, so these early days will need to have been essential, but as a result of there’s so little mentioned about them within the Scriptures, evidently the occasions that occurred, if advised, wouldn’t be of a lot profit to us.

There are nevertheless apocryphal books about Jesus first 30 years that are usually termed “the Infancy Gospels”, probably the most well-known being The Infancy Gospel of Thomas, the place Jesus does a variety of miracles and as a substitute of being taught by His lecturers, He teaches them. Likely numerous what’s written in these infancy Gospels is true, however as we’ve got not been given them in our Bible, it most likely signifies that God didn’t see them as worthwhile for our souls.

John the Baptist began his ministry within the later a part of this era.

Years 31 – 33 A.D.

These years are the years of our Lord Jesus Christ’s ministry on this earth. These 3 years are the muse of all Christianity and our most holy religion!

You may examine these years within the 4 infallible Gospels of our Lord Jesus Christ!

Here’s a temporary define:

Jesus calls 12 disciples close to the start of His ministry, an important of those being Peter, James, and John.

Then Jesus begins to evangelise and to do many miracles.

Then the final week Of Jesus life is what we name the Ardour of Christ. Jesus is betrayed by his personal Disciple, one of many 12, Judas Iscariot. Jesus dies upon a cross to atone for our sins. And a couple of days later Jesus rises from the grave, and lives once more.

After the resurrection, Jesus was on the earth for about 40 to 50 days, and in that point He did many extra miracles.

Then our Lord leaves this world and ascends up into Heaven.

Then on the fiftieth day after the Resurrection of our Lord, not lengthy after His ascension, The disciples have been assembly for reward and prayer within the metropolis of Jerusalem, and the Holy Spirit comes down upon all of them, and anoints them to evangelise.

The Spreading of the Gospel

The Disciples start to unfold the Gospel to the Jews that reside in Jerusalem and the encircling areas.

It appears that initially the Disciples thought that the excellent news about Jesus was solely to be given to the Jews, because it had all the time been earlier than the delivery of Christ. But it surely was proven to the Disciples that they need to additionally preach to the gentiles additionally and that the entire world ought to learn about Jesus and what He has performed for us on the cross.

The ministries of the 12 Disciples

Judas Iscariot had no ministry as he was the traitor of our Lord and after he betrayed Jesus, he turned very remorseful and went out and hanged himself.


Peter was the First Disciple to evangelise and he preached to a really giant congregation after that he was anointed by the Holy Spirit.

After that Peter preached primarily to the Jews, however apparently spent a little bit of time in Rome, the place custom tells us that he was crucified.


Custom tells us that Andrew was a missionary and should have even bought so far as Scotland, the place he was made the patron Saint. The Scottish flag is the flag of Saint Andrew.

Custom additionally states that Andrew, like his brother Peter was crucified.

There’s an apocryphal guide referred to as “the Acts of Andrew” which tells of the miracles and preaching of Andrew, though many individuals doubt the reality of that guide.


James was the very first of the Apostles to be martyred. His homicide is advised within the guide of Acts, the place Herod orders for him to be killed with a sword.


John was the disciple beloved by Jesus, and his mission was largely to the Mediterranean space.

John wrote 3 letters which we’ve got in our Bibles.

And he additionally wrote the guide of the Revelation, which he wrote which he was in jail on the island of Patmos (within the Mediterranean).

John lived to a really previous age. Custom tells us that he died a pure dying in Ephesus. If that is true he could nicely of served with Timothy who was an Elder on the Church at Ephesus.


Not a lot is understood of Phillip, who shouldn’t be the Phillip talked about in Acts 8. ( I’ll inform of him later)

Custom tells us that he was both crucified the other way up or beheaded. His tomb has not too long ago been discovered, in a city in trendy Turkey.

Barnabas (aka Nathaniel)

Barnabas Historically is alleged to have gone as a missionary to India. And like each different Apostle, it’s mentioned that Barnabas was martyred.


Matthew is greatest referred to as the creator of the Gospel of Matthew. He’s reported to have died as a martyr.


Thomas who is commonly referred to as “doubting Thomas” went as a missionary to India. There’s an apocryphal guide entitles “The Acts of Thomas” which tells of Thomas’s mission to India.

James (brother of Jude)

Little or no is understood of the apostle James, however it’s believed that he wrote the Epistle of James.

Thaddeus (aka Lebbaeus aka Jude)

Once more greatest identified for his Epistle: the guide of Jude.

Simon the Zealot

Little or no is understood of this disciple and appears to take the place of the smallest, however we all know that God will all the time exalt those that take the bottom place.

Different main figures right now


Paul was and is the most effective ever identified missionary, and all servants of God aspire to be like him.

Paul went on 4 primary missionary journeys which we examine within the guide of Acts.

He was the principle affect within the lifetime of Timothy.

Custom tells that Paul was martyred in a Roman amphitheatre.


Barnabas additionally travelled as a missionary with Paul for the primary a part of his ministry. They cut up up because of an argument.


Silas was Paul’s companion after Barnabas had left him.

Philip the Evangelist

Philip is who we examine in acts 8 the place he preaches to the Ethiopian Eunuch.

The Ethiopian church continues to be alive to this present day, and is the supply of numerous our apocryphal works together with the lengthy misplaced guide of Enoch.


Timothy travelled with Paul, and discovered from him. He turned an Elder in Ephesus.

Make disciples of all nations

The phrases of Jesus in the long run of Matthew chapter 28 inform of the good fee. It tells the disciples to enter all of the world and make disciples of each nation. This the disciples did, and inside 100 years, the gospel had unfold to each identified nook of the world. And you understand what was so superb about that? They weren’t allowed to, the world was in opposition to them, but they nonetheless went to your entire world, nearly all of them have been even murdered for it but they unfold the Gospel.

Now have a look at your self, there aren’t any legal guidelines in opposition to telling folks about Jesus, we even have legal guidelines that say you have got freedom of perception. So inform me the place have you ever unfold the Gospel? If the Apostles might unfold the Gospel a lot below persecution, how a lot better ought to we do, who’ve full freedom of faith?

Properly, I hope that this sermon has been informative. In our subsequent sermon we’ll have a look at the 2nd century and the way the Gospel superior in that point.

I pray that the Lord will add His blessing on what has been mentioned in the present day, and that one thing will stay to the advantage of your soul.