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Colombia’s best dining establishments serving native foods: Leo, Barca, and also Celele

Colombia's best restaurants serving indigenous foods: Leo, Barcal and Celele
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Colombia’s best dining establishments serving native foods: Leo, Barca, and also Celele


Consider the globe’s terrific foods and also possibilities are Colombian isn’t among them. Over the last couple of years, Peru has actually been South America’s cooking hotspot despite Colombia having more biodiversity and geographical variety.

The factor, obviously, is that for decades the country was immobilized by a debilitating civil war. When a peace bargain was ultimately struck in 2016, cooks can start utilizing their homeland’s extraordinary all-natural food supply. The outcome? An explosion of ingenious eateries by boundary-pushing chefs. Below are three of the most effective.


Colombia's best restaurants serving indigenous foods: Leo, Barcal and Celele

Leo Espinosa is arguably the godmother of Colombia’s culinary renaissance. She opened her eponymous restaurant, Leo, in 2007, planning to display the nation’s lesser-known ingredients as well as ancestral food preparation strategies. It’s made the previous economist a shelf-full of accolades, including a 2017 Basque Culinary Globe Prize.

Housed in an elegant colonial manor near the National Gallery, the dining establishment is well-known for its 12-course tasting food selection, which utilizes fruit and vegetables from every corner of the nation.

” Prepare to take a trip about Colombia,” says our server, “and to be secured of your comfort zone.”

The first course sets a Niangua, a chewy mollusk found in the mangroves of Colombia’s Caribbean shore, with a crispy, deep-fried Pacific clam mixed with pleasant caramelized coconut. Cleaning it down is a briny martini covered with foam made from Pacific seawater.

It establishes the scene for a brave cooking road trip, assisted by a map on the menu showing where each active ingredient has actually been sourced. In nearly every meal, there’s a taste or appearance that’s new as well as unexpected. Some are victories, such as wonderful corn as well as cassava encased in a cabbage-like tallo fallen leave as well as snuffed in a rich guineafowl gravy. Some are difficult (a minimum of to this Western taste buds), such as pirarucu fish with lulito pepper as well as sour yucca, which is somehow milklike, shady, icy, and spicy all at the same time.

Espinosa’s daughter, Laura, is the sommelier and she clearly shares her mommy’s principles. The drink pairings range from the familiar– a smooth Argentinian Malbec– to the peculiar– a wince-inducing rosé made from guavas and blackberries.

Leo is currently No. 49 on The Globe’s 50 Finest Restaurants checklist which means a meal here is costly by Colombian standards. Take a look at Espinosa’s even more laid-back restaurant, Misia, where you’ll find the very same interest for neighborhood fruit and vegetables without the fine-dining price tag. The supper tasting food selection prices COP300,000 (with pairings COP420,000). The lunch sampling food selection starts at COP200,000.


Colombia's best restaurants serving indigenous foods: Leo, Barcal and Celele

As the headquarters of Pablo Escobar’s medicine empire, Medellin bore the force of the narcos-fuelled violence of the ’80s as well as the ’90s. Pair this with the reality its most popular local specialty is bandeja paisa, a cholesterol-laden load of pork belly, eggs, as well as fried plantains, and you’d be forgiven for arriving with low culinary expectations.

Remarkably, the city is at the leading edge of the nation’s premium rebirth, with numerous innovative restaurants helmed by enthusiastic, young cooks. One such piece of clothing is Barcal, an advanced, pared-back facility located on a silent household side street in the popular vacationer hub of El Poblado.

Chef Miguel Warren was simply 19 when he opened the restaurant in 2015. Like Espinosa, he’s passionate about Colombian fruit and vegetables and also intended to apply the fine-dining strategies he found out throughout a stint at the Basque Culinary Centre in San Sebastian, Spain. The outcome is an 11-course sampling menu utilizing active ingredients sourced from some of Colombia’s majority of remote communities.

Once more, the meals vary from the sublime– a tender healed shrimp covered in sweet, velvety coconut milk, to the mediocre– a pumpkin and orange salad garnished with 5 “big-bottomed” Santander ants.

Colombian chefs are strangely enough fascinated with ants, which is perplexing offered they contribute little taste-wise. When deep-fried, they have a nutty, crunchy structure with a dry, half-cracked coating. I still discover their visibility in a recipe rather facing, specifically when one appears floating in a bowl of thick garlic soup (” err, steward”). Perhaps that’s the point.

Barca’s drink pairings are just as diverse, with an interesting concentrate on craft beer. Enhancing the ant-garnished garlic soup is a hoppy Medellin IPA, while an abundant goat ragu is matched with a dark, warm Belgium Dubbel.

Although a few of the beverages are from overseas, Warren is committed to using one hundred percent Colombian active ingredients in his recipes. As he explains on the menu, “We have the ideal tool to be the most effective chefs: Colombia’s megadiversity.” The dinner sampling menu expenses COP165,000 (with pairings COP260,000).


Colombia's best dining establishments serving native foods: Leo, Barca, and also Celele

Don’t be deceived by the upbeat music, the unpretentious design, or the kitsch cocktail garnishes, Celele is a really severe dining establishment indeed. Starting chefs Jaime Rodriguez, as well as Sebastian Pinzon, spent 2 1/2 years combing Colombia’s Caribbean coast for conventional recipes, ingredients, as well as food preparation strategies before opening this comfortable, 30-seat restaurant in Cartagena’s Getsemani district in 2018. They aimed to show that the nation’s African-influenced Caribbean food is more than just fried fish and also plantains.

The 10-course tasting food selection begins with a crisp yucca wafer and also rich sesame butter matched with a large, ice-filled tumbler of whisky, orange bitters, and also orgeat syrup. Following is a delicate ceviche of regional mackerel with coconut and also mango accompanied by a mother Africa, a powerful alcoholic drink including gin, white vermouth, and also charcoal that’s garnished with a plastic crocodile head.

It’s a solid opening to a spirited food selection that does not put a foot incorrect. A large, meaty local mussel covered with fried pork shavings and a spicy Marie Rose-style sauce sets surprisingly well with an artisanal pilsner from Colombia’s Santa Marta region. Equally excellent is a meal of stewed goat with rice made from dehydrated shrimps, a method perfected by the Wayuu native group from the La Guajira coastal desert.

Cook Rodriguez often leaves the tiny, open cooking area to mingle as well as talk with restaurants. I comment that he looks surprisingly kicked back for somebody presiding over a jam-packed restaurant on a hectic Saturday evening. “It’s basic,” he replies, “I have an excellent group.”

The entire procedure is instilled with this endearing modesty. Previously in the day, the restaurant won the Miele One To Enjoy Honor 2019 awarded by Latin America’s 50 Ideal Restaurants, yet no one discusses it. As well as just through individual probing do I discover our thoughtful, knowledgeable server made use of to work in New York’s two Michelin-starred Jean-Georges restaurants. It shows that the emphasis is where it matters– on the components and also the method. It’s a formula that’s plainly functioning because it’s hands-down the very best dish I eat in Colombia.

The dinner sampling food selection sets you back COP280,000 (with pairings COP320,000). A five-course variation, as well as a la carte menu, are likewise offered.

73 / 100

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