Feng Shui Animal Symbolism

Feng Shui Animal Symbolism

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Feng Shui animal Symbolism

The position of each actual and mythological animals is referred to incessantly in feng shui concept and folklore. In lots of books, there’s a description of a super home, which has a turtle behind it, a phoenix chook in entrance of it, and a dragon and tiger on both aspect. These 4 animals are symbolic of land and constructing formations. For instance, to have a turtle behind the home for assist or safety is a metaphor for a bigger construction or a literal mountain. To have a chook within the entrance is symbolic for a a lot smaller land formation.

There’s a idea that “chi” (air currents) transfer round a property and the upper land kind in again (the turtle) protects the home, whereas a smaller land kind in entrance (chook) helps the home obtain the correct quantity of chi. Like the sting of a bowl, the phoenix in entrance helps shore up or include power close to the doorway of the home.

Then, the tiger and dragon on all sides of the home symbolize neighboring homes, buildings, or actual hills. These kinds act as a means of defending the home. In a normal sense, a home that isn’t surrounded by different buildings or land formations is a bit susceptible and overly uncovered to the weather. Some individuals take these references to the animals actually and they’ll place collectible figurines of those creatures round their dwelling for good luck and safety. No less than one feng shui grasp I’ve studied with has alluded to the likelihood that these animals additionally symbolize the shapes of sure essential constellations.

One other standard feng shui creature is the fish. Fish symbolize lengthy life in Chinese language tradition, so work and sculptures of them are seen as fortunate. Within the precise software of feng shui, fish in tanks and ponds are simply an excuse to assist flow into water. It’s the water, which is the true treatment. However as a result of feng shui comes from a really superstitious tradition, the variety of fish and the colour of the fish within the aquarium have taken on exaggerated significance. As effectively, several types of birds are speculated to be omens for the occupants if the chook is seen flying by or making a nest on the roof.

The picture of a horse can not help however to represent journey and motion. One people treatment is to position a Horse figurine dealing with the door for occupants who wish to promote their dwelling.

Lions and tigers are thought-about highly effective, ferocious animals. Representations of them in photos or sculptures ought to be performed with warning, in line with individuals who adhere to those animal cures. You might have seen stone lions flanking the doorway or stairs of a giant constructing, however they’d be thought-about inappropriate for a residence.

One of many Zodiac indicators in Chinese language astrology is a Tiger. Ladies who’re the signal of the Tiger are thought-about fiercely unbiased and have a harder time settling down with a person. February is the month of the Tiger and in line with auto insurance coverage statistics, extra automotive accidents happen within the month of February. This may be in step with the Chinese language interpretation that the fast-moving Tiger can also be accident-prone.

It’s fascinating to notice among the cultural variations in how we relate to animals. As an example, in Chinese language astrology an individual born within the Yr of the Rat could be a very clever particular person and a Snake particular person can simply be fascinated with metaphysics and spirituality. Within the West, we consider the rat and snake as being sneaky and conniving. In some religions there’s a perception that every one human beings have lived no less than one incarnation as each kind of animal, and subsequently we have now an unconscious understanding of what these animals are able to of their personalities and strengths.

Some birds are extra monogamous than individuals, so there’s a notion that placing up photos of lovebirds within the bed room will entice real love. These sorts of issues can work as placebos, however will not be thought-about probably the most refined feng shui cures.

Elephants have a fame in each Chinese language and Indian tradition for attracting wealth. Pictures of trunk-up elephants typically adorn the properties of individuals hoping the elephant shall be a fortunate picture for them.

There are various extra animals which have that means in Chinese language tradition and/or particular to feng shui. Supposedly, a metallic Rooster positioned within the correct location can cease somebody from committing an adulterous affair. Taken out of context, these animal symbols can appear unusual, however they’re actually not a lot stranger than the meanings we connect to some inanimate objects within the Western world. Be it a rustic’s flag, a automotive hood decoration, a designer label, or a spiritual signal, we place significance on many symbols that go unnoticed or unrecognized by different cultures.

Many individuals are stunned to search out out that I don’t prescribe any of those animal symbols as feng shui cures. Whereas I perceive the psychological aid that they might present, I don’t really feel that these symbols can change the energetic composition of a room. And with symbols in the end being very private, (like our desires), I do not see how they’d work for everybody in the identical method.