Philadelphia Church of God Leads Laodicean Period (Conclusion)

Philadelphia Church of God Leads Laodicean Period (Conclusion)

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Philadelphia Church of God Leads Laodicean Period (Conclusion)


What’s BEWILDERING to me is the completely different responses I’ve obtained from a number of of God’s ministers who’ve learn Past Babylon – in the direction of it and me – earlier than and after Dennis Leap’s PARTIAL evaluate! (Malachi 2:9).

After I faithfully despatched a pc disk with my ebook on it to minister Wayne Turgeon, he graciously learn all of it and responded:

“Oh, how I like these with each the power to jot down in addition to the braveness to place down their concepts on paper! I felt that you’ve a really gripping type of writing that makes use of twists and slants of phrases or phrases to make your level. I appeared up each scripture you referenced and it grew to become clear that you’ve actually spent lots of time in your Bible. Being Jewish, I feel, offers you an added perspective that I may by no means have… A lot of what you might have written will not be ‘new revelation’ as I am certain that you simply’d readily agree… It is actually not my place to find out if what you consider God has proven you is true or not, however would you thoughts presenting Mr. Flurry with an abbreviated model of what you are feeling is impressed… as I extremely doubt that he would have time to learn your complete ebook.”

What does he imply it isn’t his place to find out if what I wrote is true or not? God holds each INDIVIDUAL accountable to prayerfully decide whether or not one thing is of God or not! How did we show Malachi’s Message was biblical? Did we rely solely on our minister’s analysis? Worldwide once more?

Thoughts you, not like Mr. Armstrong’s prolonged manuscript of near 300 typed pages, Past Babylon is just one/2 that dimension, actually! I instructed Gerald Flurry learn the primary and final chapters. Mr. Turgeon informed me Flurry returned it to him, saying one thing like, “He is at all times sending us stuff.”

I’ve written brief letters to the purpose, like correcting him about Mount Hermon and Mount Carmel after he continued to confuse the 2 in a number of articles. I am acquainted with them as a result of I have been blessed to have lived subsequent to each of them. Mr. Turgeon additionally wrote that I used to be a bit of “too radical” for Mr. Flurry and questioned what I might mentioned or finished that had given him that impression. I defined it is as a result of I took exception to his careless condemnation of these spiritual Jews who need the Temple constructed as “extremists.” I wrote that it is extremist for secular, humanist Jews to oppose changing the Promised Land right into a Holy Land!

Flurry was shocked and had additionally written towards the STRONG EMOTIONS some really feel over Jerusalem and Israel. How may God use somebody so distant over there?! A few of us have a GOD-GIVEN LOVE for Jerusalem and a real ardour for Judah that is most private; we’re not a stranger in OUR Homeland! (Psalms 102:14; Ps. 137; Isaiah 62). That is not “radical,” it is BIBLICAL!

Minister Carl Craven additionally learn Past Babylon and acknowledged it as biblical. He mentioned he hadn’t appeared up each Scripture, however was certain if he had they’d even be used appropriately. I commented that I do know it is biblical, however that I used to be simply ready for headquarters to show that to themselves as nicely. He expressed an understanding of the way it’s tough to be affected person in the meantime. When Dennis Leap did name, it was to instruct me to STAY HOME FROM SABBATH SERVICES whereas he appeared on the ebook! I did not recall such an uncommon request being manufactured from Mr. Armstrong, and acknowledged it went towards “harmless till confirmed responsible,” however obliged with the hope of returning quickly (John 7:51).

“Prophesy Not!”

After a while, I referred to as Mr. Leap. He mentioned he’d learn PARTS of the ebook, and that it wasn’t essential whether or not Mr. Flurry had learn it or not (despite the fact that I might been led to consider he’d go it on to him). He acknowledged, “You employ some fairly robust language in there,” to which I replied, “But it surely’s biblical, is not it?” “Properly, sure, however…”. He additionally famous, like Mr. Turgeon, that the majority of it’s what we already educate. I agreed and mentioned that that ought to function a GOOD SIGN, however that the NEW REVELATION in regards to the Two Witnesses and Europe is firmly constructed upon that basis.

Dennis Leap discovered it tough to simply accept {that a} LAY MEMBER would write such a ebook. He admitted Flurry had obtained bits of revelation from lay members, however NEVER a complete ebook! I did not wish to be judged by precedent, however by whether or not or not what I might written is biblical. If I used to be in error, then it was his obligation to obviously present me the place FROM THE BIBLE, like Aquilla and Priscilla helped enhance Apollos’ understanding (Acts 18:26).

I used to be knowledgeable if I wished to return to providers, I must overlook Past Babylon, act like a “common lay member,” and mainly deny that it was from God! Like Mr. Armstrong, I had PROVEN what I might written to be TRUE. Truly, Leap did not say that it wasn’t or try to refute it!

I informed Mr. Leap I did not wish to play politics. By his insistence that I have to be a MINISTER to jot down such a ebook, he was nonetheless seeking to MEN OF STATURE! And since I am not one, he was demanding that I “PROPHESY NOT!” (Amos 2:12).

He bought very offended after I talked about this and mentioned he was severing all ties between the PCG and myself, and that I wasn’t to assert any affiliation with the PCG. He mentioned I used to be now free to go and do no matter I felt God would have me to do with BB and never fear whether or not or not he or Mr. Flurry had learn it! After I expressed the hope of reconciliation, he retorted we may after I repented. Of what? OBEYING GOD RATHER THAN MAN? Is that “rise up?”

Mr. Armstrong WASN’T an ordained minister both when he wrote what he felt GOD would have him to share! The Identification Doctrine additionally wasn’t a lot new reality, as a brand new approach of presenting it. I am certain glad he did not let these two factors cease him! Aren’t you? So I used to be UNJUSTLY DISFELLOWSHIPPED for believing God used me to jot down a ebook, and MARKED for exposing the details about Mr. Leap’s folly!

Will Dennis Leap cease being jealous of what God would have me to supply (1 Sam. 2:29)? Will Gerald Flurry HONOR GOD greater than a person, and acknowledge Past Babylon belongs to God and HIS Church? (II Sam. 19:5-7; Ga. 2:9). Will Flurry once more uphold God’s Phrase or try to prop up Leap and fall with him? (Isa. 22:19). Did God take away Mr. Amos so Dennis Leap may very well be used to attempt us all?(Nahum 1:11). WHY’S THE BIBLE OUT OF THE PICTURE? (In The Philadelphia Trumpet’s photograph of Mr. Flurry). Does Mr. Flurry really feel he is now bought it made? (1 Cor. 10:12). An image’s price a thousand phrases!

No Cowards within the Kingdom!

Could God give COURAGE to His individuals! In the event that they’re AFRAID to query Dennis Leap’s severe actions, how can God anticipate them to face as much as the world (Jer. 12:5; Rev. 21:8)? God’s sick of sycophants and uninterested in the timid! We’re to be daring as lions (Dan. 11:32)! We’re presupposed to be able to die for each other, not betray and desert one another! But too usually the family of religion has misplaced its heat and loving surroundings for an intimidating environment of worry and oppression (Jer. 12:6). It is fairly unhealthy when you possibly can’t belief your individual household (Jer. 9:4). Brethren handing over brethren to the “authorities” for improper causes and maliciously reporting on others (1 Cor. 5:8). How COLD-HEARTED (Matt. 10:32-40).

God pronounces WOE to those that help improper judgments (Isa. 5:32) and CONDEMNS IT as an ABOMINATION (Prov. 17:15). He speaks towards promoting out somebody to realize a bonus (Ex. 23:8). Those that’ve develop into accomplices to CHARACTER ASSASSINATION have not simply deserted a Church member, they’re responsible of BETRAYING CHRIST! (Ex. 20:16; Matt. 10:33). It is really God’s regulation they’ve thrown out and His Phrase they’ve despised (Isa. 5:24). You may’t deal with somebody so hatefully and idiot God that you simply love Him (1 John 4:20). You would possibly flip your again on a brother, however you are going to FACE GOD (Mark 9:42)!

Whether or not you have bought out to curry favor with a minister, or to remain put in a corporation or place – that “blood cash” will COST YOU YOUR LIFE! God will JUDGE SUCH PEOPLE (if they do not repent) and throw them down from their excessive and mighty imaginations and lofty positions (Isa. 22:15-19; Deut. 32:36). For these bent on JUST FOLLOWING ORDERS blindly, performing like GOOD NAZIS, God’s going to present them over to Europe! If that is what you need, that is what you may get!

FATHER Is aware of Finest!

Too many are nonetheless seeking to males to avoid wasting them! Is it as much as Gerald Flurry to determine who’ll enter God’s Kingdom? In fact not, and he’d readily agree, however brethren it is simply as BLASPHEMOUS to consider it is as much as him or every other MAN to determine who can go to Petra! Which minister was crucified for you? (1 Cor. 1:12- 13; 3:3-9). Into what surname have been you baptized? If GOD put you into HIS Church, can any man put you out? If God gave you His Holy Spirit, can any minister take it away? If God finds you worthy to flee, can any man forestall it? (Luke 21:36). WHOSE APPROVAL ARE YOU LOOKING FOR? (John 9:22; 13:42-43).

Aren’t you keen to be like Jesus, who was forsaken by all? Aren’t you keen to comply with Jesus outdoors the camp, bearing His reproach and struggling His disgrace? (Heb. 13:12-13; 2 Tim. 1:8). Those that put an IDOLATROUS TRUST in ministers or politicians are going to find they cannot ship! (Deut. 32:36-39; Hosea 13:10). Mortals cannot prevent or defend you. In addition to, in the event you’re solely attempting to avoid wasting your pores and skin, you may lose your conceal! Solely Jesus Christ can supply salvation, and solely these whom the FATHER finds worthy will escape. It is lower than any pastor basic or minister. A lot of them will get slaughtered with THEIR sheep! (1 Cor. 9:27; Isa. 46:2).

If God may present the “journey preparations” for Enoch, Elijah and Philip – INDIVIDUALS – cannot He care for you? (Acts 8:39; Rev. 12:6; Jer. 3:14). God will not overlook you or depart you behind (Heb. 6:10; Isa. 49:15). He is aware of the scattered situation of His saints and the the reason why, and guarantees us: “I’ll search that which is misplaced, and produce that which was pushed away, and can bind up that which was damaged, and can strengthen that which was sick…” (Ezek. 34:16). The Good Shepherd would not forsake His flock!

God’s Two Witnesses are SOON to take the stand! They will testify earlier than a WORLD COURT, and to many it should sound acquainted – having examine it in Past Babylon! It is solely biblical that simply as certainly as Europe’s on the rise, so too are God’s star witnesses (Isa. 60:1). However when have proud and cussed RELIGIOUS LEADERS ever accepted God’s change of guard or venue (Rev. 11:8)? Sardis did not. Joseph Tkach did not. Will Gerald Flurry graciously PASS THE BATON to the Two Witnesses? Or will historical past repeat itself? We’ll see!