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Salt Lake City never interested me.

Based on unceded Shoshone land in 1847, Great Salt Lake City, as it was initially recognized, was a haven for Mormons encountering oppression back eastern. At the time, it (and also the state we currently call Utah) lay past the official US border so Mormons can do whatever they such.

The city’s area was picked by church founder, Brigham Youthful, that is claimed to have actually seen the valley in a vision. While there were already indigenous individuals staying in the area, a break out of measles brought by the Mormons basically wiped them out within the first year. However, the surviving natives helped the settlers survive as well as get used to life in the area.

Throughout the 1800s, the city saw an influx of brand-new LDS converts, as well as those chasing the gold rush. Within a few years, Salt Lake City was just one of the most populous locations in the American West. Nowadays, the city is a significant flight terminal center, still the facility for the LDS church, and does much less mining and also more health care innovation!

Having matured in New England, my view of Utah was: “Pretty state, however, why would I intend to socialize with boring Mormons?”

Nonetheless, the older I have actually gotten, the less snotty I’ve become. Part of traveling is testing your presumptions of places as well as people. You can not do that with a “why would I trouble with that said place mindset?” I enjoy finding out I am incorrect regarding them. The more wrong you are, the extra you expand.



My sight on places is “why would not I intend to go there?!”.

Throughout the years, I have actually heard murmurs that Salt Lake City is really quite amazing as well as not the stodgy location we visualize it to be.

So, on my last trip, I decided to spend a lot of time there. I would like to know if it was as cool as individuals claim. Was it truly “the next Austin”?

The city’s proximity to the hills and a wide variety of national forests truly attracted me. As well as I would certainly hear about how, having loosened up consistently alcohol constraints since the mid-2000s, microbreweries have actually been turning up left and also right. And also, thanks to its cheap expense of living as well as a major flight terminal, a lot of young people have actually been moving there over the last few years.

Over the last years, Utah’s population grew by over 18%. Most of those people resolved in SLC, where 72% of its populace is under 44.

So, dear viewers, I can validate that, yes, Salt Lake City is certainly great. I found a lot to enjoy regarding it.

As well as I am completely conscious that’s really clichéd for a travel author to state, “I went to X location and it was trendy as well as hip and different!” as if I’m the initial person to uncover it. Or that a place, because it’s different than what I like, can’t be trendy in its very own right.

I understand I’m late to covering exactly how Salt Lake has actually transformed.

What I’m claiming is that I never gave the city much idea and I now kick myself for not having done so. Do not make my error. The pretentiousness of youth, huh?

What did I love regarding the place?

It also has a remarkably durable art scene. Midtown, you’ll find lots of art galleries, collectives, layout research studies, as well as museums, including the Utah Gallery of Art and the Utah Museum of Contemporary Art. I didn’t expect a city so steeped in art.

And also the brewery scene, while not as durable as in Austin or Rose city, was much bigger than I believed. There are nearly twenty in SLC, not counting the taprooms that additionally dot the midtown area. I was truly interested in the evolution of the beer scene below, as there are still lots of restrictions– breweries can’t serve alcohol over 5% at hand, as well as alcoholic drinks are measured (there’s no cost-free put below)– and also a selection of licenses are required.

Dining establishments serving alcohol need customers to likewise get food (just 30% of their sales can be from alcohol, so ordering food when you consume alcohol is needed). Bars likewise must offer food in any way times too– though one navigated this by billing $100 for nachos, simply to follow the law; the bartender claimed just one individual ever before acquired it.

But Salt Lake City’s closeness to the outdoors was what truly turned me onto the location– and also a big reason that a lot of individuals are moving here. Whether for a couple of hrs or a whole day, it’s simple to simply leave your residence as well as into nature, because you’re close to numerous hills, ski areas, and also national parks. Moreover, from town, you can hike or bike countless routes into the bordering hills; I spent some hrs hiking the trails near the statehouse.

Things that most likely won me over one of the most were, of course, individuals. Even more than that, it was an experience with them that will be my most long-term memory from my visit. While at a brewery, my good friends and I were surrendering our table to a group of individuals when among them said “Are you, Nomadic Matt?”.

Responding in the affirmative, she invited us to a house party later on. My buddies really did not seem like it however I informed them I would go.

So, after dinner, I went to a great antique house party. There I met some brand-new Salt Lakers: young folks who moved from various parts of the nation for work and also were drawn to the city’s affordable cost of living as well as closeness to the hills. I was at a house party with 25-year-olds and also it was incredibly fun. Every one of them stayed in the Sugar Residence neighborhood, which contains twentysomething, fashionable bars, as well as hipster restaurants. That’s the new “hot” location of town.

There was still a whole lot I really did not reach experience in Salt Lake City, of course. Numerous locations were still closed because of COVID (surprisingly, the Mormons had the most strict policies and seemed to take masking and social distancing much more seriously than the rest of the city’s citizens). Many of the art galleries were on limited hrs, I entrusted to a lengthy listing of breweries and also restaurants still to see, as well as I definitely really did not do as much walking as I wanted (I never do).

However, SLC is in reality very wonderful. Below you’ll locate a city full of excellent beer, terrific restaurants, lots of trekking and outside sports possibilities, and also warm, welcoming people. It’s absolutely an “up and also coming city” but possibly years away from actually being “the following Austin.”.

If, like me, you had not thought of going there, currently is the moment to transform your mind.

76 / 100

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