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Throughout the 1800s, the city saw an increase of brand-new LDS converts, along with those going after the gold rush. Within a couple of years, Salt Lake City was among the most populated locations in the American West. Nowadays, the city is a significant airport center, still the center for the LDS church, and does less mining and more healthcare innovation!

Salt Lake City never attracted me.

Based on unceded Shoshone land in 1847, Great Salt Lake City, as it was initially understood, was a sanctuary for Mormons dealing with persecution back east. At the time, it (and the state we now call Utah) lay beyond the main United States border so Mormons might do whatever they liked.


The city’s area was selected by church creator, Brigham Young, who is stated to have seen the valley in a vision. While there were currently native individuals residing in the location, a break out of measles brought by the Mormons cleaned them out within the very first year. The making it through locals however assisted the inhabitant’s change and make it through to live in the location.

Having matured in New England, my view of Utah was: “Pretty state, however, why would I wish to socialize with dull Mormons?”

I understand I’m late to blogging about how Salt Lake has altered.

What I’m stating is that I never offered the city much idea and I now kick myself for not having done so. Do not make my error. The pretentiousness of youth, huh?

Over the last years, Utah’s population grew by over 18%. Much of those individuals settled in SLC, where 72% of its population is under 44.

My view on locations is “why would not I wish to go there?!”.

For many years, I have heard whispers that Salt Lake City is quite cool and not the stodgy location we envision it to be.


The city’s distance to the mountains and a myriad of national forests truly attracted me. And I’d heard about how, having loosened up continuously alcohol constraints considering that the mid-2000s, microbreweries have been popping up left and. Plus, thanks to its inexpensive expense of living and a significant airport, a lot of youths have been moving there recently.

And I am mindful that’s extremely clichéd for a travel author to state, “I went to X location and it was cool and hip and various!” If I’m the very first individual to find it, as. Or that a location, due to the fact that it’s various than what I like, can’t be cool on its own.

On my last roadway journey, I chose to invest a lot of time there. If it was as cool as individuals state, I desired to understand. Was it truly “the next Austin”?

Dear readers, I can verify that, yes, Salt Lake City is undoubtedly cool. I discovered a lot to like about it.

Part of travel is challenging your preconceived concepts of individuals and locations. I enjoy discovering out I am incorrect about them.


What did I like about the location?

The important things that most likely won me over the most were, obviously, individuals. More than that, it was an experience with them that will be my most long-lasting memory from my see. While at a brewery, my pals and I were quitting our table to a group of individuals when among them stated “Are you Nomadic Matt?”.

It likewise has a remarkably robust art scene. Downtown, you’ll discover great deals of art galleries, collectives, style research studies, and museums, consisting of the Utah Museum of Art and the Utah Museum of Contemporary Art. I didn’t anticipate a city so steeped in art.

SLC is in fact very wonderful. Here you’ll discover a city loaded with excellent beer, terrific dining establishments, great deals of trekking and outside sports chances, and warm, inviting individuals. It’s certainly an “up and coming city” however most likely years far from truly being “the next Austin.”.

There was still a lot I didn’t get to experience in Salt Lake City, obviously. Lots of places were still closed due to COVID (remarkably, the Mormons had the strictest guidelines and appeared to take masking and social distancing more seriously than the remainder of the city’s residents). A number of the art galleries were on minimal hours, I entrusted a long list of restaurants and breweries still to check out, and I certainly didn’t do as much hiking as I desired (I never ever do).

I was actually curious about the development of the beer scene here, as there are still lots of limitations– breweries can’t serve alcohol over 5% on tap, and mixed drinks are determined (there’s no complimentary put here)– and a range of licenses are required. Bars likewise should serve food at all times too– though one got around this by charging $100 for nachos, just to comply with the law; the bartender stated just one individual ever purchased it.

Reacting in the affirmative, she welcomed us to a house party later. My buddies didn’t seem like it however I informed them I would go.

If, like me, you had not thought of going there, now is the time to alter your mind.

After dinner, I went to a good old-fashioned house party. There I met some new Salt Lakers: young folks who moved from various parts of the country for work and were drawn to the city’s cheap cost of living and proximity to the mountains.

Salt Lake City’s distance to the outdoors was what actually turned me onto the location– and a huge factor why so many people are moving here. Whether for a couple of hours or a whole day, it’s simple to simply go out of your home and into nature, because you’re close to a variety of mountains, ski locations, and national forests. From town, you can hike or bike numerous trails into the surrounding hills; I spent some hours hiking the trails near the statehouse.

72 / 100

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