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See all the places ‘Breaking Bad’ was shot on this Albuquerque bike trip. Here’s just how.

See all the places 'Breaking Bad' was shot on this Albuquerque bike trip. Here's just how.
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See all the places ‘Breaking Bad’ was shot on this Albuquerque bike trip. Here’s just how.



ALBUQUERQUE, N.M.– The temperature hovered near 100 degrees as we biked previous seedy motels, drug dens, dive bars as well as deserted stockrooms.

It’s one of the most fun I’ve had on a two-wheeler in years.

Our team of eight– including overview Brad Frye– was on the Biking Bad trip via midtown Albuquerque to see a load’s sites where the iconic tv series “Breaking Poor” was shot.

The show, which aired on AMC from 2008-13 and also can still be seen on Netflix, won 16 Emmys and is listed in the Guinness World Records 2014 version as the highest-rated TV collection of all time based upon its position of 99/100 on

” Damaging Negative” informed the tale of Albuquerque high-school chemistry instructor Walter White– played by four-time lead dramatic star Emmy champion Bryan Cranston– who was identified with terminal cancer cells. To safeguard his family’s economic future before he passed away, White partnered with a former student– Jesse Pinkman (three-time supporting actor victor Aaron Paul)– to develop a crystal-methamphetamine realm.

True, the three-hour, the seven-mile scenic tour took us past several of the less eye-catching parts of Albuquerque’s midtown. Frye, that has been leading Biking Bad trips for 6 years for Routes Bike Tours & Rentals and binge-watched the show 3 times, explained the trip as an up-close consider the city’s “sandy Western beauty.”

However, we additionally pedaled past lovely tree-lined areas with residences going back more than a century as well as saw the development of an ongoing midtown multimillion-dollar revitalization project. It’s brought about the opening of upscale bars, theaters, and also art galleries along Albuquerque’s Central Opportunity hallway– the historical Route 66.

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‘ Breaking Bad’ put spotlight on Albuquerque, New Mexico

See all the places 'Breaking Bad' was shot on this Albuquerque bike trip. Here's just how.

Albuquerque’s sunny environment, wide-open desert rooms with extensive sights of the Sandia Mountains just east of the city, multiculturalism as well as generous tax motivations have actually made it a preferred shooting area for flicks and also TELEVISION shows. No production has boosted the city’s visibility greater than “Breaking Bad.”

” We definitely saw an uptick in tourism as an outcome of that program,” stated Brenna Moore, interactions manager for Go to Albuquerque, the city’s tourism board. “It increased the recognition of the city, particularly in international markets.”

” Damaging Poor” completed its run 8 years earlier. A prominent spinoff called “Better Call Saul”– informing the tale of Walter’s fairly tested attorney Saul Goodman (four-time Emmy nominee Bob Odenkirk)– is still being recorded in Albuquerque.

Most of the popular “Damaging Bad” shooting areas can be seen on the bike tour, although a few– including Walter White’s residence in the eastern part of the city– require a vehicle trip. Below are my favorite “Breaking Poor” websites.


Jesse Pinkman’s house

See all the places 'Breaking Bad' was shot on this Albuquerque bike trip. Here's just how.

Bad points occurred inside this stately, two-story Spanish Colonial residence on a peaceful road simply a couple of blocks from midtown Albuquerque. Integrated in 1920, the 3,500-square-foot residence went on the marketplace in 2015 for $1.6 million. “Meth lab not included,” the listing representative for Coldwell Banker kept in mind in a jokingly news release.

Jesse’s imaginary moms and dads stayed in an even older home just a few blocks away. The Pinkman family members’ houses days in 1909s.


The Sweet Woman shop

See all the places 'Breaking Bad' was shot on this Albuquerque bike trip. Here's just how.

This shop in Old Community is a must-see for “Damaging Poor” connoisseurs that want to experience the dark wit that helped make the program so fascinating.

Proprietor Debbie Ball– “the candy lady”– initially came to be well-known in Albuquerque when she began making X-rated cakes as well as sweets in the 1980s. When “Damaging Negative” started manufacturing, she was come close to by the show’s prop master to whip up a sweet mixture that appeared like methamphetamine.

” The sex was good up until the drugs began,” she joked regarding the evolution of her shop.

Sphere generated 150 extra pounds of blue-tinted rock sweet that were made use of in the program’s initial 3 periods. Today, she says 20 to 30% of her sales are from “Breaking Negative” memorabilia, consisting of packages of blue rock candy.

I consumed some while I directed my inner Skinny Pete as well as Badger, two of the show’s meth-dealing characters. I didn’t obtain high, yet I did obtain tummy pain.


Walter White’s home


” Breaking Negative” diehards recognize the address by heart– 308 Negra Arroyo Lane. Naturally, that isn’t the real address of the White Home, a small three-bedroom ranch in an area of town called Northeast Heights.

A number of the programs most dramatic– and amusing– scenes were filmed here. One of the most unforgettable is the episode from Period 3 in which Walt– distressed that his wife Skyler would not let him eat with the household– tossed the pizza he’d earned onto the roofing system. The pizza stuck.

Many followers have actually given that tried to reproduce Walt’s accomplishment in a twisted sort of pilgrimage. It got so bad that the homeowner put up secure fencing around the residential or commercial property to maintain pizza-slinging fans away and show designer Vince Gilligan released a public plea for them to stop. There are likewise red cones on the road before your home to prevent gawkers from auto parking too close.

It is a private residence, so if you choose to check out, don’t linger. I took an image from a block away and swiftly departed. The house owner was sitting in the front yard and it was clear she had not been keen on having company. Hard to blame her.


A-1 Vehicle Wash

See all the places 'Breaking Bad' was shot on this Albuquerque bike trip. Here's just how.

Followers of the program know that in the first season, Walt functioned part-time at a car clean to aid make ends satisfy. Later on in the collection, he and also Skyler purchased the cars and truck laundry as a front to launder numerous bucks of meth cash.

That company, known as the A1A Auto Clean (” Have an A-1 day!” was a regular line in the show) is a five-minute drive from the White home. It’s currently called Mister Car Clean, part of a Tucson-based chain that owns greater than 300 cars and truck cleans in 21 states.


Los Pollos Hermanos, the Pet Dog Residence which motel.

See all the places 'Breaking Bad' was shot on this Albuquerque bike trip. Here's just how.

Our Cycling Bad trip took us to several midtown dining establishments that were used as recording websites. Java Joe’s, which drug dealer Tuco used as his hangout, deserves seeing for the vibrant mural repainted on the east side of the building.

The Canine Home drive-in was a prominent recording place and also the place where Jesse handed out his cash to a homeless male. The restaurant’s retro neon indicator with a tail-wagging pet is fun to see after dark.

Walt and meth accomplice Lydia often satisfied at the Grove Café on Central Method, a prominent breakfast spot. It’s where Walt infected Lydia with ricin-laced Stevia.

” People like to make the joke, ‘Beware of the Stevia at the Grove,'” general manager Andrew LoBue said, adding that the restaurant’s looks on the program “aided place us on the map.”.

Just down the block from the Grove is the Crossroads Motel. The low-end lodge was illustrated as a drug den and area for other illicit activities. From the appearances of it today, the Crossroads was completely cast.

Los Pollos Hermanos, which drug kingpin Gus Fring used as a base of operations, is truly a snack bar called Twisters. It’s about a 20-minute drive south of midtown Albuquerque.

Relatively every dining establishment, as well as a hotel in the city, has some type of link to “Breaking Negative.” We remained downtown at the Hotel Andaluz, called after an area in Spain called Andalusia. When it opened in 1939, it was the initial building in New Mexico with a/c.

The Andaluz organized the cover party for the actors as well as the team after the show’s final period.

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