Stephen Flurry and The Philadelphia Church of God

Stephen Flurry and The Philadelphia Church of God

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Stephen Flurry and The Philadelphia Church of God

Stephen Flurry, son of Gerald Flurry, pastor normal of the Philadelphia Church of God (primarily based in Edmond, Oklahoma), has printed a e book that Amazon sells, Elevating the Ruins: The Combat to Revive the Legacy of Herbert W. Armstrong.

It is promoted as “the stunning, gripping untold story of the doctrinal hijacking and religious destruction of the Worldwide Church of God after the dying of its founder.” But it principally REPEATS what Malachi’s Message taught: “Malachi’s Message is the gripping story of God’s true Church gone off observe on this finish time…”.

The “untold story”? How dare Stephen Flurry deny his father’s work – the “centerpiece” of PCG literature – together with his approval. However when a Laodicean chief is blind and one follows the opposite, they’re each sure to fall into the ditch. What can we count on from those that fail to do what Herbert W. Armstrong clearly noticed should but be finished and but not one of the teams professing to comply with Herbert W. Armstrong have even expressed any curiosity in doing it? God’s apostle stated we should REACH THE CITIES OF JUDAH!

Because it seems Gerald Flurry and the Philadelphia Church of God are onerous of listening to, the articles supplied beneath, the indictments served, repeat the plain fact of this matter that God led me to share with them earlier, which I proceed to face by and testify is true.

Could God grant Gerald Flurry and his son Stephen Flurry, in addition to the PCG ministry and laymembers, heartfelt repentance for failing to warn the world in any main method about what’s quick coming upon the world. With all the cash they’ve squandered the entire world might know the warning message. If the PCG continues with Flurrys’ folly slightly than repent and get busy and DO THE WORK OF GOD – not merely the deceptive works of males – they are going to be responsible of the blood of hundreds of thousands, as GOD WARNS THEM:

Ezekiel 3:18

18 Once I say to the depraved, ‘You shall absolutely die,’ and also you give him no warning, nor converse to warn the depraved from his depraved method, to save lots of his life, that very same depraved man shall die in his iniquity; however his blood I’ll require at your hand.

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God has given the Philadelphia Church of God enough space to repent. If they do not, if they continue to be proud and cussed like Sodom and Egypt, they are going to be faraway from their place and God will see to it that HIS Work will get finished! You possibly can guess your life on it.

For Zion’s Sake,